Sacred Soul Journeys
with Crystals



 Virginia Beach, Va 23454 


  Hello, My name is June and I am an Intuitive Seer Psychic/Medium, and I was Blessed with these gifts since childhood and I feel so very Honored to be a Channel for Our Angels, Guides and Loved Ones who have Crossed Over, to give Messages, Guidance and Healing for what you seek !  I also am a Crystal Therapist, Numerologist and A Shaman, Teacher of Journey Meditations, to meet your Own Guides, Angels and Totem Animals, as well as Teaching you how to Develop your own Psychic Intuition and  Learn How Your Guides, Angels and Loved One's are Communicating with You !!

YouTube Video on How to Get Messages from you Guides and Angels !!

Om Tare Tuttare
Deva Premal (More Than Music: The Deva Prem)